From door-to-door salesman to marketing maestro: Tahir Malik’s trailblazing journey of empowerment and economic impact

Javed Malik

In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, marketing has emerged as a powerful force that shapes society, fuels economic growth, and empowers both businesses and consumers. It serves as a vital bridge, facilitating the exchange of goods and services while disseminating valuable information. Marketing not only empowers consumers with many choices but also propels businesses toward growth and success. Whether conventional or digital, marketing informs, creates awareness, and influences public opinion on products, services, and social issues. It impacts the economy, fostering competition, spurring innovation, and ultimately leading to job creation and wealth generation.

One remarkable example of the transformative power of marketing professionals can be seen in the story of Tahir Malik, a visionary marketer who recognized the vast potential of marketing during his visit to the United States in the early 2000s. Inspired by the enormous benefits it offered to professionals and society, Tahir embarked on a journey to master the field of marketing.

Tahir’s path to success began in 2002 when he courageously entered the sales department of Worldcall Private Limited, Lahore’s pioneering and largest cable network, selling cable connections door-to-door without receiving any compensation for several months. This remarkable experience provided him with invaluable insights into business and marketing, fueling his determination to learn more and significantly impact society.

It was his zeal to learn more that led to his enrollment in the MBA program, specializing in Marketing, from the prestigious University of Central Punjab and graduating in 2005 at the top of his class. Even before completing his degree, Tahir garnered multiple job offers from prestigious companies. He chose to join Mobilink, Pakistan’s largest telecom company, renowned for its commitment to nurturing bright talent and offering promising career prospects. Starting in the customer service department, Tahir quickly realized that his true calling lay in marketing and creating a broader societal impact.

Tahir’s journey took an exciting turn when he joined Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the country’s premier oil marketing company, as a Management Trainee in the retail department. His keen market analysis, strategic insights, and exceptional sales skills played a pivotal role in identifying untapped market opportunities in smaller cities and rural areas like Sargodha, Khushab, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, Faisalabad, and Lahore. Through innovative marketing campaigns, effective sales strategies, and dedicated promotion of PSO products, Tahir drove substantial revenue growth and catalyzed business activity, job creation, and overall economic development in these regions. Recognizing his outstanding performance, Tahir received accolades as the “Best Sales & Marketing Manager Nationwide.”

Driven by a deep commitment to promoting Pakistani products and services, Tahir remained steadfastly loyal to PSO despite receiving tempting offers from numerous multinational corporations. As a Business Manager, he played a pivotal role in transforming PSO’s retail network from outdated establishments into vibrant, customer-centric outlets.

Tahir’s exceptional marketing strategies revitalized the business landscape, generating increased economic activity and benefiting local communities. Additionally, he spearheaded the introduction of environmentally friendly fuel options, such as Ethanol-mixed fuel, and successfully launched PSO’s first synthetic range of lubricants. Tahir enhanced their visibility and competitiveness in the Pakistani market by showcasing the quality and uniqueness of PSO’s offerings.

Tahir’s impact extended beyond sales and marketing. Within PSO, he actively promoted corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and championed Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies. As the Regional Sales Manager (Incharge of the Punjab Division) in the HSE department, Tahir trained thousands of personnel on HSE initiatives, ensuring that PSO’s business activities aligned with health, safety, and environmental values. His contributions to HSE and CSR strategies furthered the overall welfare and development of the communities PSO served.

In 2019 recognizing the increasing influence of e-commerce and digital marketing in Pakistan, Tahir transitioned to a tech start-up called “CodeBuilderz” as Director of Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Planning. In these new roles, he guided businesses in establishing a robust online presence, implementing effective e-commerce strategies, and expanding their customer bases. Through his expertise, Tahir facilitated the growth of Pakistani businesses and attracted international clients, leading to an influx of foreign reserves and contributing to the country’s economic development.

Beyond corporate Jobs, Tahir actively worked as a business consultant for many local start-ups and international firms and was able to attract foreign investment to Pakistan. Leveraging his insights into the country’s potential, market advantages, and investment opportunities, he consulted with foreign investors, facilitating their entry into Pakistan’s untapped digital market. This endeavor culminated in the launch of Pakistan’s first digital matchmaking platform, “,” in 2023, fostering economic partnerships and injecting capital for crucial development projects.

Furthermore, Tahir played a pivotal role in promoting tourism in Pakistan by collaborating with a dynamic tourism start-up called “Vacations Travel and Tours.” Through comprehensive tourism marketing plans, digital platforms, and strategic engagements with local and international companies, Tahir successfully attracted tourists, stimulated the tourism industry, generated revenue for local communities, and positioned Pakistan as one of the desired tourist destinations in 2021.

Lastly, Tahir’s commitment to education and societal development led him to engage in consumer awareness initiatives actively. Tahir diligently educated Pakistani consumers about responsible consumption, their rights, and ethical practices through his role as a visiting faculty member, workshops, and training sessions. Tahir contributed to a more informed and empowered society by empowering individuals with knowledge.

In summary, Tahir Malik’s extraordinary journey from a door-to-door cable seller to one of Pakistan’s foremost marketing experts exemplifies the profound impact and significance of marketing in our society. Through his exceptional expertise, strategic acumen, and unwavering dedication to creating a positive societal impact, Tahir spearheaded economic growth, promoted Pakistani products and services, championed social impact initiatives, facilitated e-commerce and digital transformation, attracted foreign investment, stimulated tourism, and empowered consumers. His story illuminates the transformative power of marketing professionals in driving societal change, fostering economic development, and shaping a better future for all.