Exam for medical students given ,only males attend

KABUL (TOLOnews): The examinations for General Internal Medicine and Surgery were held with nearly 2,000 participants attended, but there were no female participants
The examinations were held in the Polytechnic University in Kabul.
The National Examination Authority said that 100 participants who secure the highest scores will be admitted to Avicenna University and Nangarhar University. “100 people will be selected and from among them, 69 will go to Kabul and 31 others will be admitted to Nangarhar medical university,” said Abdul Baqi Haqqani, head of the National Examination Authority.
The participants of the examinations urged the officials to proceed with the examination transparently.
“We call on the government to present doctors to the society who are really doctors at an international level. The opportunities that are provided for the international doctors should be provided to the (Afghan) doctors,” said Rahim Gul Darwish, a participant.
“I hope justice will be served. Those who studied and made a great effort, their efforts should not be wasted,” said Nisar Naseemi, a participant.
Earlier, TOLOnews interviewed graduates of medical universities who voiced criticism over the delay in setting the date of the medical expert examination, which is scheduled annually by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).
The exam was held on Friday, but there were no female participants.
Prior to the examination of medical experts, female students throughout the nation reacted to the decision which no longer allows female students to take the “exit exam,” the final medical exam.