GAAC Airport contract crucial for Afghan-Emirati business: Traders

KABUL (Tolonews): The Afghan Traders’ Council in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said that the contract with the UAE’s GAAC company to provide air services is crucial for strengthening relations between Kabul and Abu Dhabi and will lead to the resumption of major aviation companies’ flights to Afghanistan.
Haji Obaidullah Sadarkhail, the head of the council, says that this contract will also solve the problem of issuing UAE visas to Afghan citizens and businesspeople.
“With the signing of this contract, foreign flights to Afghanistan will begin, including international flights, and as a result, relations between Afghanistan and other United Arab Emirates will improve,” Sadarkhail said. According to figures provided by the council, three hundred Afghan businesspeople are currently operating in the United Arab Emirates, and this contract will facilitate their travel. “This contract is almost $400 million in value. With the help of this contract, both our youth and technical and professional employees will have jobs. Trade and investment between Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates will rise as a result of this agreement,” said Jamal Nasir Ebadi, a trader.
On Thursday, the Islamic Emirate signed a ten-year contract with the UAE’s GAAC company to provide air services.
“We have analyzed and evaluated all the advantages of Afghanistan in all its details, and the terms that the GAAC company offered us were terms that provided the best national benefit of Afghanistan and guaranteed the quality of their work,” said Ghulam Jailani, deputy of the Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation. However, an expert in international relations said that these demands must be met in order for relations between the Islamic Emirate and the rest of the world to improve.
“The basic factor is the education of women and girls in Afghanistan, the second element is to cut links with terrorists, and the third element is to join a discussion-oriented world,” said Mahdi Afzali, international relations expert.
In accordance with this contract, in addition to improving the capacity of the Kabul airport staff, the GAAC company will buy the tools required for aircraft guidance.