Gemstone marketing

In a lecture on effective gemstone marketing in the global market arranged by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Saleem H Ali Professor of Energy and Environment underscored the need for proper branding to establish their identity and quality for buyers. This is a valuable advice for both the provincial government as well as for All Pakistan Commercial Exports Association (APCEA).

The exporters of gemstones are largely dealing in export of raw gem on throw away price. There is no high skilled cutting, polishing, and quality refining and branding facilities at the small private sector gem cutting and polishing enterprises. The Gem and Gemological Center which was established in 2000 was made dysfunctional by the previous ANP government. A high-tech Gem and Gemological unit shall be established at the Rashakai Special Economic Zone which may take several years to become operational. Until then the Gem and Gemological Center at Peshawar should be provided with modern equipments, quality refinement and proper branding facilities.