Germany makes new arrest in Russia spying case

BERLIN (AFP): A German man has been arrested for allegedly helping a foreign intelligence agency official pass on state secrets to Russia, authorities said Thursday.

Last month, the employee of Germany’s BND agency, identified as Carsten L., was detained for allegedly passing information obtained in his work to Russian secret services.

Authorities have revealed little information about the case but media reports suggest he had access to sensitive information obtained through BND wiretaps worldwide.

On Sunday a second man, identified as Arthur E., was arrested as he arrived at Munich airport from the United States, the federal prosecutors’ office said.

He is accused of being complicit in treason by helping Carsten L. pass the information to Russia.

“Arthur E. took the information to Russia and handed it over to the intelligence service there,” said a statement from prosecutors.

He is not employed by the BND, it added.

Prosecutors conducted their investigation in close cooperation with the BND and the FBI in the US.

Berlin previously described the case as “alarming,” and it comes at a time of heightened concerns about Russian espionage in Europe in the wake of the Ukraine war.

In November, a German man was handed a suspended sentence for passing information to Russian intelligence services while working as a reserve officer for the German army.

And in October, Germany’s cybersecurity chief, Arne Schoenbohm, was sacked after a television satire show broadcast allegations that he had ties to Russian intelligence services.