Global forum and Indian propaganda

According to the media, a Pakistani delegate to the UN has told the Security Council Arria-Formula meeting that India was actively sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan but warned that Islamabad would continue to counter those terrorist threats effectively. During a debate on Threats to International Peace and Security caused by Transnational Activities of Terrorist Groups, the Pakistani envoy accused India of politicizing all international forums at the multilateral level to carry out a venomous and malicious campaign against its adversaries. According to him, Pakistan will continue to work closely with the international community to address the global threats arising out of terrorism and transnational activities. The Pakistani diplomat further stressed the need for the necessary reform in the existing global counter-terrorism architecture for enhancing its effectiveness by encompassing the entire array of individuals and entities involved in terrorist activity.

The United Nations was constituted by world nations for the sole purpose of maintenance of peace and resolution of disputes between the member states, however the forum largely failed to achieve it’s objectives due to the internal structural discrimination and bloc politics of the major powers. Historically, the world forum has always enhanced western interests while the Muslim world and other disadvantaged communities had merely acted as a fuel for the so-called democratic imperialism over the past decades. The weaknesses and flaws of the United Nations further became evident when it fails to resolve the long standing disputes on it’s agenda relating to the Muslim world including Kashmir, Palestine and others while it emphatically split South Sudan from Sudan and craved out a separate nation of East Taimur from Indonesia in few years.

India, a long-time western darling and long standing abusers of the UN resolutions and global human rights charter has tactfully manipulated the UN forum in it’s favor through malious black propaganda and concocted charges of terrorism. Recently, India tried to mislead the discussion regarding threats of transnational terrorism at the UN forum which was forcefully rebutted by the Pakistan’s permanent mission to the UN. Pakistani delegate clearly told the members of the Security Council that Pakistan was one of the biggest victims of terrorism, having sacrificed more than 80,000 lives and sustained enormous damage to fight and defeat the menace of terrorism. Pakistan not only battled the terrorism on it’s soil but also played a crucial role in UN supported and US led global War on Terror (WoT) over the past two decades. During the war against terrorism, Pakistan has shared undeniable evidence of India’s sponsorship of terrorism inside Pakistan with the United Nations, other relevant forums and important nations in the world.

On other hand, Pakistan also sensitized the world about India’s grave human rights violations and grossly amassed over 900,000 troops in Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir(IIOJK), which had been briefly mentioned by the UN Human Rights Commission in its annual report in 2018 and 2019, while Indian government atrocities and unlawful actions had been widely covered by the International media, human rights groups and civil society.

Although, the Pakistani delegate has urged the world to carry out the necessary reforms in the existing global counter-terrorism architecture to enhance its effectiveness, however, there is a dire need for restructuring the United Nations without creating further centres of powers, along with the reduction in existing discrimination so the forum can provide equal access and justice to all members states without any prejudice.