Global issues and US’s predilection

The US State Department spokesperson has condemned the recent Israeli settlements in West Bank and called them unilateral steps which could endanger peace in the region. However, the American Prolocutor further noted that Israel is an iron-clad partner of the United States and both countries share the same values. American Spokesman covered extra mileage in Tel Aviv’s favor and declared Israel’s security a topmost priority of his nation.

The United States of America, a long-time advocate of human rights and civil liberties, has now become a supporter of apartheid regimes and illegal settlers’ colonialism through its soft criticism and unflinching affiliation with the occupiers. Awfully, American leaders condemn the grave human rights violation in one breath and expressed solidarity with the oppressors at the next movement. Over the past decades, the successors of George Washington betrayed the royal legacies of their forerunners through unparalleled support for the racist policies of Israel and India in the occupied territories of Palestine and Kashmir respectively. Thus, Washington’s dual principles and haphazard policies fueled violence and put oppressed nations at the mercy of cruel supremacists in contested regions of the world.

The Israeli-occupier regime has ramped up its anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian campaigns by violating the sanctity of Muslim sacred places in East Jeruselum and unleashing fresh military crackdown against unarmed civilians in the west bank and Gaza strip in recent months. The Jewish state announced its plan to legalize its illegal settlements in the west bank along with the construction of additional 10,000 units in the Palestinian land. In fact, the fascist state has systematically increased its boundaries by incorporating Golan rights in its landmass and continuous expansion of its settlers’ colonialism in the west bank to push Palestinians out of their homes. Historically, the United States not only supported Israel’s unlawful occupation of Palestine but also protected Israeli war crimes from global reprisal and censure at the UN and other international forums including the ICC and the ICJ over the past years. The US also unashamedly used veto status in Israel’s favor multiple times at the UN, that not only consolidated the apartheid regime but also undermined global peace and stability.

Although, the United States supports the idea of two states solution, however, Washington categorically placed its weight in the favor of Tel Aviv and endorsed such mechanisms including the Oslo and the camp David accords which further escalated tension and put the Palestinians at the mercy of the brutal Israeli regime. After assuming office, President Joe Biden vowed to uphold human rights and democracy but the self-proclaimed zionist not only betrayed his voters but also remained highly selective in the implementation of those divine values when it comes to close US allies. Over the decades, the American political elite upheld its political and economic interests vis-a-vis human rights and civil liberties in the world and failed to demonstrate fairness and sincerity in this regard. Presently, the entire Muslim Ummah and disadvantaged societies across the world are concerned about Washington’s double standard regarding global disputes, thus Biden must abandon the policy of favoritism and appeasement to restore America’s prestige and lordship in the world.