Global warming and the role of influential

According to Egyptian media, the leaders of two dozen African countries have urged wealthier nations to uphold their aid pledges so the continent can tackle clime change effects for which it shares little blame. According to the details, the African leaders were of the view that Africa not only has a low carbon footprint but also plays a key role in capturing greenhouse gases, including in the Congo Basin, which is home to the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon.

About two dozen African Ministers made their call in a joint communique at the closing session of a three-day forum in the Egyptian capital Cairo, ahead of the most important global COP-29 Climate Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh in November this year.

Presently, the disastrous effects of global warming are becoming more emergent and devastating in different parts of the world, while various nations including Pakistan, Afghanistan and several African nations are currently battling floods, droughts, wildfires and other environmental challenges. According to experts, the developed nations are the major contributors to the climate change phenomenon therefore they must bear greater responsibility in the global efforts for the protection of mankind and other creatures in the world.

In fact, Massive industrialisation, war hysteria and nuclear testing of the developed nations including the United States, the UK, Germany, Japan, the European Community, Russia and China had badly disturbed the temperature of the universe and reduced the Ozone protective shield in space. Whereas developing nations and third-world countries have little share in the creation of this devastation, rather they are mostly haunted by the mismanagement and misuse of natural resources including forests, water deficiency and soil erosion.

Although the famous Paris Accord had laid down the responsibilities of different nations and chalked out a comprehensive strategy to combat global warming, but developed nations are eluding from obligations and do not full filing their pledges. Recently, UN Secretary-General also urged the developed countries to help the climate-vulnerable nations who have become a victim of their misadventure.

Realistically, wealthier nations should play their role in global fight against climate change until the effects of global warming reach their regions.