Govt, Opposition discuss political issues, situation after Mach tragedy in Senate

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in Senate on Friday discussed the political issues in the country following a motion under Rule 218 and also discussed the sit-in of Hazara Community after the killing of coal miners in Balochistan.

The House took up a joint motion under Rule 218 sponsored by the Opposition lawmakers alleging the government for crackdown against its workers. Taking part in debate, the Leader of the House Dr. Shahzad Waseem said that incumbent government has been never involved in political victimization as the previous governments followed this practice.

He said the government believes in respect of political workers as they are integral party of any party but those involved in plundering national kitty would not be allowed to exploit the workers for their interests. The movement of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), he said, ended after the conclusion of gathering in Lahore as the people did not come out to listen to those who looted national kitty in their tenures. 

Those standing at stages during PDM gatherings had the agenda to get relief from the cases and they criticized the state institutions to save looted money.

Leader of the House cited a report of Transparency International of October 2016 which described about political victimization against the PTI workers by the previous regime.  He said that democracy is the best way for a country to prosper but red-lines should not be crossed. Dr. Shahzad Waseem also condemned the killing of coal miners in Balochistan and appealed not to do politics on the issue. He said that perpetrators of this shameful act would be arrested and they would have to face the law.

PPPP Senator Behramand Khan Tangi said that PDM did not have agenda to create unrest or anarchy in the country.  He said that incumbent government should follow the previous governments who successfully resolved the state affairs by respecting parliamentary system, taking on board all parties, media and others stakeholders.

Speaking on commenced motion about the government’s unprecedented crackdown on opposition workers, Sassusi Palijo of Pakistan People Party alleged the government was victimizing the political workers of opposition parties. She said that accountability of only opposition members was being carried.

Usman Khan Kakar alleged that unprecedented crackdown has been launched against the opposition workers. He called for supremacy of rule of law and constitution in the country. He said peaceful protest of the opposition right but workers of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) were arrested before rallies.

Manzoor Kakar while taking part in the debate, said Balochistan and Pakistan faced terrorist attacks and score of innocent people had lost their lives in these terrorists attacks in the province. He regretted that few people were politicizing the Mach tragic incident. Soon hearing about the tragic incident, CM Balochistan who was abroad, rushed to province and met with the protesting mourners, he said. Criticizing the PDM narrative, he said peaceful protest was right of the opposition but they should not target the national institutions.

Maulana Attur Rehman of JUI-F requested the Hazara community to bury the martyrs.  All the institutions should work in their constitutional ambit, he said.