Gunman opens fire at civilians in Kunar

KUNAR (Khaama Press): Local Taliban officials in Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan said that an armed attack in the center of the province resulted in the death of one person and the injuries of three other people.

According to the Taliban governor for Kunar province, Najibullah Hanif, the armed attack at the provincial capital of Kunar province, Asadabad city.

The Taliban official stated that in Asadabad city, four unarmed civilians were shot at; as a result, one person was murdered and three others were injured.

Even though the motive for the shooting is yet to be determined by the Taliban investigative teams, the Taliban official stated that the shooting gunman has been taken into custody.

Since the Taliban took control, there have been more instances of criminal conduct, abduction, hostage-taking, and violently settling old scores between families and ethnic groups.