Haiti unceasing political unrest

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry called upon the masses for calm, amid nationwide violent protests demanding his resignation from premiership. According to him, the time has arrived for all to put their heads together to save Haiti, to do things another way that are in the interest of the Haitian people.

Haiti, a poor Caribbean nation, has been in the grip of spiralling turmoil, lawlessness and chaos since the murder of politically elected President Moïse, who was shot dead cold-blooded in his official residence in the heart of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Since then, rifle-toting gangs have commandeered up to 90% of Haiti’s capital and there has been an explosion of killings, kidnappings and sexual violence turning much of the city into a no-go zone. Millions are struggling to eat, partly as a result of gang checkpoints blocking food supply routes, and captured water and fuel reservoirs. The masses became annoyed by persistent violence and a curfew-like life in their nation as a low-intensity war against peaceful and unarmed people is raging across the country.

Henry’s recent sermon did little to appease the thousands of Haitians angry and frustrated over growing gang violence and deepening poverty with no general election in sight. The government was bound to hold elections and pass power to newly elected officials on February 7 this year but failed. A day after the deadline passed, Prime Minister Henry pledged to hold general elections as soon as the country’s security issues were resolved. However, who knows how and when that miracle will happen in a crisis ridden country.

Previously, the Haitian people launched a self defense movement against the armed gangs with machetes, rocks and guns to protect themselves, their belongings and fundamental rights and gain access to basic necessities. The Haitian government has been requesting the UN over the past months, for the deployment of a UN-backed peacekeeping force to assist the government fight against rebels. Presently, no political party or community group is able to steer Haiti out of the prevailing crises but every other leader including rebels are ready to take over the government and rule the violence hit nation. In fact, the Haitian have paid a heavy price for the selfishness of their leaders, God knows when their issues would be resolved and they might live a peaceful life.