Hanafi urges prevention of low quality medicine, food production

KABUL (Agencies): Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in a meeting with the head of the Afghanistan Food and Drug Administration, stressed the prevention of low-quality medicine and food production in the country.
The head of AFDA, Dr. Abdul Bari Omar shared details about the administration, financial issues, and its functions.
Omar reminded saying that the administration is responsible for the supervision and control of the companies that produce and supply medicines and foodstuffs, and to carry out this responsibility, it needs a wider administration and more employees.
Deputy PM Hanafi hailed the administration for providing services, said that the officials of this administration should make more efforts in systematization and creating transparency.
Hanafi inspired the officials of AFDA for providing more facilities for the people within their competencies and responsibilities so that the quality of drug and food can be inspected and separated and the production of low-quality medicine and food can be prevented for thr safety of people.