Haqqani accuses KP govt

PESHAWAR (APP): Former provincial minister Maulana Amanullah Haqqani has accused KP government of using funds and provincial resources allocated for containing the spread of dengue on PTI by-election campaign.
Haqqani, who is also the provincial deputy general secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, made these remarks in a statement issued here on Sunday.
He alleged that Chief Minister Mahmood Khan had openly been violating the election rules, while the authorities concerned were playing the role of silent spectators. “Why an action is not being taken for such a violation of the election rules,” he wondered.
He said PTI’s slogan against corruption was nothing but a trickery as the party had not only been violating the Constitution of Pakistan but also the Election Commission of Pakistan rules.
He said according to the rules, PTI ministers neither could participate in election campaign, nor could use the government resources, while CM KP and his cabinet members had not only been flouting the law and the constitution, but also using provincial resources and helicopters freely.
He said the ECP had also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on each violator but this could not stop them from breaking the law. “I wonder under which law Imran Khan is using KP government’s helicopters for political meetings in the entire Pakistan.”
He said on the one hand the government was not releasing money for carrying out fogging and spraying of anti-mosquitoes pesticides in the province, while on the other hand, it was using the funds allocated for dengue for filling up helicopters’ tanks with fuel.
He said to prevent dengue virus, not only spray should be arranged in Peshawar district but free medicines should also be provided for dengue patients in hospitals. The present provincial government is making fun of all kinds of calamities, including floods.
He also appealed to the people to strictly follow dengue SOPs to prevent the disease and save the precious lives of their loved ones.