Haqqani: We should behave well and win public trust

KABUL (Agencies): Acting Minister of Interior Sirajuddin Haqqani has said that a popular government is created if the people trust the government, and for this, the government must treat them nicely.
Haqqani stated this in a meeting with university professors, clerics and tribal elders in Nangarhar province.
“We continue to shout engagement, good behavior and the unity of the country. We understand our responsibilities… we have the means to have good manners and good behavior and win the trust of the people… Popular government is created if the people trust the government, Emirate.”
In the meeting, Ahmad Tariq, on behalf of private universities, said that the education of girls in universities should resume, no matter what the terms and conditions are.
He said that Afghans should not be forced to take their daughters to places where the Islamic Emirate cannot play any role in creating a desirable environment.
Nurullah Nasser, a tribal elder, also said that there should be merit-based appointments.
Haqqani admitted that there are shortcomings before adding that it is due to decades of conflict.
“Discord is a very bad disease. There were different ideas, parties and personalities, and with that destruction took place and our goal remained unmet. We cannot tolerate what you said either. If we had tolerance and patience, these problems would not have arisen,” Haqqani said.
He emphasized that the existing problems should not become so big as to cause discord.