Herat’s regional hospital gains CT scan capability

HERAT (Tolo news): Local officials of the regional hospital of Herat said that to improve service for the people they are adding new sections to the hospital.  

They said patients used to go outside the hospital for tests but now they do tests in the hospital for free.

CT scans are now available at this hospital, and according to officials, around 25 patients come for CT scans each day.

“Before, we didn’t have these services, but now we have them for 24 hours especially we do laboratory tests 24 hours a day,” said Jalil Ahmad Rasuli, head of Herat’s regional hospital.

Officials and doctors at this hospital said that due to the many patients, the hospital needs more equipment.

“Before, the patient goes out of the hospital for more tests and now, we do tests here daily, we did 20 or 25 CT scan tests,” said Bahram Diyanat, the head of the radiology department of Herat’s regional hospital.

Meanwhile, some Herat residents asked for more facilities and equipment in governmental hospitals in Herat.

“The service has improved, the condition of the hospital, the treatment of patients has improved,” said Juma Gul Asil, a Herat resident.

“Outside, each test costs a thousand or 1500 Afghani but now it is here for us,” said Nazir Ahmad, a Herat resident.

Herat regional hospital is the largest hospital in the west of the country, with more than 2000 patients coming every day.