Historic verdict

In a historic verdict that is set to produce positive results by alerting the stinking political landscape of the country, the Supreme Court ruled that disqualification under Article 62(1) (f) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is for life. The political elite have given a mixed reaction to this landmark verdict of the Apex Court. PML-N leadership has vehemently criticized it; PPP senior leader Syed Khusheed Shah has expressed reservations between the lines but in the same breath said that courts judgments must be accepted, and PTI leaders have hailed it.
Cursory look at the evolution and strengthening of democratic systems in the United States, Briton, countries of Western Europe and neighboring country India brings out this fact that their political leadership believed in the basic fundamentals of democracy which are the rule of law and transparency. It was strict adherence to these fundamentals that western democracies achieved the Zenith of prosperity and gave its fruits to the common man. But unfortunately, political elite in Pakistan disdain to observe the fundamentals of democracy in letter and spirit, doing a lip service to uphold the norms of democracy. Hopefully, the Supreme Court landmark verdict on the interpretation of Article 62 (1) (f) will give impetus to the evolution of a healthy political culture of participative democracy.

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