History and Beauty of district Khyber

Aamir Ayub

The history of the merged tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is not hidden from anyone as majority of Pakhtuns living in this part of the country are brave and have sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Solving issues between them and discussing problems and other important matters is done during a joint sitting of the tribal elders called jirgah. Moreover, these mostly mountainous regions are also famous for their trade routes especially with the bordering parts of Afghanistan making them as most important commercial districts of Pakistan. To further improve the trade here, well-known businessmen are always busy with efforts and they have a long-standing desire to improve the trade here.

Among these districts, Khyber District holds the most importance and for maintaining the business, trade, tourism and other sectors’ developments, Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mr. Shah Fahad has decided to look at the previous steps taken for development of district Khyber. Instead of taking new steps on his own he looked keenly into the steps previously taken and observed that the points which were appreciated by public should be continued. These steps are also given a digital shape along with other modules through a website. Before discussing about that website we’ll have a look on how open court implemented and what was the response of people.

In this regard, the district administration Khyber organized an open house in Jirga Hall in Lindikotal under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Khyber for the well-known businessmen of Lindikotal Bazar.

In the previous open court, Assistant Commissioner (Landikotal) Irshad Ali, Tehsil Chairman Shah Khalid, Tehsildar Landikotal Dawood Khan, Deputy Superintendent Khyber Traffic Police Mazhar Afridi, Tehsil Municipal Officer Landikotal Shehbaz Khan, Heads of Health Department, Public Health Engineering and other departments including Police and Leaders participated in large numbers.

Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mr. Shah Fahad observed the need of connecting public to district administration on the basis of following results and opinions of open court:

Traders from Landikotal and adjacent markets attended in large numbers in the open court and informed the higher officials about the problems, opinions and suggestions one by one.

In the open court, the traders informed authorities about the problem of water availability in the market and said that a large number of traders and customers in the market are facing difficulties due to non-availability of clean water.

While discussing the installation of electricity meters in the busy market, the traders said that the citizens are facing serious problems due to load shedding among other electricity problems. Uninterrupted supply of electricity will not only solve the problems of the market but it will also improve the trade.

Due to the lack of paved streets in the market, the residents often face difficulties after the rains. This long-standing problem will be solved by making paved streets in the bazaars and markets.

The installation of street lights in Lindikotal Bazar will not only change the darkness into light but also reduce the crime.

Solarization should be done here like mosques and madrasas in other districts of the country. Openly discussed with the officers regarding the increase in utility stores ghee quota in the market, increase in subsidized flour quota and other basic issues.

After listening to the problems of the traders in the open court, Deputy Commissioner issued instructions to the concerned departments to resolve the complaints and suggestions on priority basis by taking immediate steps. Addressing the open court, Deputy Commissioner said that, in the light of the orders of the provincial government, solving the problems of the traders at their doorsteps is our first priority, for which open courts are being held regularly so that the traders, like citizens, can easily address their problems to the officers of the administration and other departments.

The business community thanked the Khyber district administration for organizing an open house in Lindikotal Bazar on behalf of the Khyber district administration and taking steps for immediate action after hearing the problems.

Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mr. Shah Fahad, stepped into different initiatives for reducing the gaps between public and administration also administrations and market. Open court is one of the example that has given a positive image of district administration and on the spot sharing the views of public.

Looking to the physical involvement and engagement of people with new technology and internet, Deputy Commissioner Khyber also introduced a website that will be performing a role of bridge between public and District administration. Public can get information about history and historic places of District Khyber, that can be also a way of taking guidance for tourists all over the world and will attract people for a tour to District Khyber. On the other side it has different modules which can allow the people to file a complaint online and it will be directly reach to Deputy Commissioner Khyber for further action.

Locals really appreciated the efforts of Deputy Commissioner Khyber Mr. Shah Fahad for making the environment free and open to discuss the issues and resolve the problem of public, agriculture, education, market, business and tourism that can be beneficial for District Khyber in coming future.