House suspends MoIC budget, disqualifies minister

KABUL (AT News): Afghan lawmakers on their Monday session have suspended the annual budget of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC).

The decision taken after MoIC Acting Minister, Ajmal Ahmadi did not appear before the parliament—a move according to the MPs, has disgraced the house of the people and faced ineligibility. Ahmadi was summoned by 131 votes to answer MPs question, but refrained to do so.

Speaker of the Parliament, Mir Rahman Rahmani said, “In the inauguration of the Wolesi Jirga, President Ashraf Ghani said he will appeared before the parliament twice in one year, but now a minister is not ready for accountability.”

He accused the government for the current uncertainty, saying such ‘disobedience’ would bring ‘dangerous consequences’ for the country.

“This approval will be sent to the executive and judicial system, and all of the embassies should be aware that Ahmadi is not the acting minister anymore and his signature is debarred,” Rahmani added.

The suspension comes as the parliament has repeatedly voiced concerns over the disobedience of the minister and government officials to the house. “The acting minister of commerce has fired 15 officials in only one day. He is not committed to national values,” said Khalid Assad, a parliamentarian.

It is said that Ahmadi has invited a number of lawmakers to his house on Sunday night to earn support in the parliament and take privilege on Sunday’s session.