House-to-house searches begin

KUNDUZ (TOLOnews): Local officials in Kunduz province said the security forces have started house-to-house searches in the city and some districts of the province.
According to the officials, the purpose of these searches is to collect illegal equipment and to ensure the safety of the people of the province.
“We discovered a large number of weapons and ammunition, and this will ensure security in Kunduz province,” Maaz said.
The police chief of Kunduz, Qari Bakhtyar Maaz, stated that searches have begun at the request of the locals and that some guns, ammunition, and government vehicles have also been discovered.
“As the house-to-house searches in Kunduz were the request of the residents of this province, we also ask them to cooperate with us in this regard,” Maaz said.
However, some residents of Kunduz have a different view about the house-to-house searches by the security forces.
“Weapons and ammunition should be collected, and in this country, there is a need to,” said Ajmal, a resident of Kunduz.
“Weapons and rifles should vanish from Afghanistan, and instead of these, people should start working, use the pen, and guide their children to education,” stated Abdullah Sahil, a Kunduz local.
The Kunduz Police commander said that the house-to-house inspections will take place with the participation of the representative of the people, the mosque’s imam, and female police officers.
House-to-house searches have been conducted by Islamic Emirate forces in various parts of the nation since the previous government fell.