‘I serve humanity’: Afghan cleaner at COVID-19 hospital

BALKH (TOLO News): “I work in COVID-19 hospital for the sake of humanity,” said Ahmad Shah 27, the father of two children who serves as cleaner in Balkh’s 200-bed COVID-19 hospital.

He says that COVID-19 patients need love and affection more than anything else.

If the people act upon the health and hygiene guidelines, they will not be infected with the virus, he said.

“We are working here for the sake of humanity,” he said.

Shah joined the hospital two weeks ago.

“When we go home, we take a bath and change into a fresh set of clothes before entering,” added Ahmad Shah.

Shakeela is a female colleague of Ahmad’s and works in the same hospital.

“I am a citizen and I am a Muslim; I want serve my countrymen there,” she said.

“Some friends think that those who are working in a COVID-19 hospital will be infected, but it is not like that, if you respect social distancing and focus on health guidelines, there will be no problem,” said Esmatullah, a doctor at COVID-19 hospital.

Currently, there are 25 patients in a COVID-19 isolation center in Mazar-Sharif, the capital of Balkh.

According to Balkh’s health department, so far 173 people have been infected with COVID-19 in the province.