IEA team returns to Kabul from Doha

KABUL (Tolo News): The delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by the acting minister of Foriegn Affairs arrived in Kabul after a five-day visit to the Gulf state of Qatar, the Foreign Ministry said. Muttaqi met with the envoys of the European Union and 16 European nations.
The European Union’s Ambassador to Kabul said the Islamic Emirate delegation pledged to respect the current Afghan constitution. The Islamic Emirate delegation held talks with envoys of the Gulf states and European Union as well as with Islamic Scholars.
The meeting focused on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, higher education, capacity development, humanitarian aid, and providing scholarships to Afghan students, according to Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry.
“Delegation lead by (df) Foreign Minister Muttaqi committed to – opening school and university education for male and female students- respecting current constitution and laws and only adapting constitution in a consultative process with all strata of society,” Ambassador von Brandt said in a series of tweets. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the delegation of the Islamic Emirate assured the EU that Afghan soil will not be used against any foreign country. Muttaqi and his accompanying delegation met with the Afghans based in Qatar.
“Our government is becoming stronger day by day. Tens of thousands of our Mujahedeen came to cities from the mountains but nothing was touched in national property,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. According to MoFA, the participants promised to take constructive steps to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.
Political analysts believe that such meetings would pave the ground for recognition of the current Afghan government. “In the recent visit, all those concerns and misunderstandings of the international community were shared with the Islamic Emirate,” said Abdul Haq Humad, a political analyst.