If Kabul wants legitimacy, it should meet its promises, says John Kirby

KABUL (TOLOnews): John Kirby, the US National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, said that the Islamic Emirate will continue to isolate itself from the international community by reneging on their promises.
In an interview with the VOA, Kirby emphasized that if the Islamic Emirate wants to be recognized by the international community and wants financial aid and investment, it must fulfil its commitments.
“So, if the Taliban wants to be considered legitimate, if they want the recognition of the international community, if they want financial aid and investment in their country, then they should meet their promises, meet their obligations, and behave accordingly,” Kirby stressed.
Speaking to VOA, Kirby said: “They made promises in Doha, they made promises after they took over Kabul, that they would govern in a responsible way and that they would respect the progress that women and girls had made in Afghanistan, they specifically said that, and here we see them reneging on those promises.”
“The Americans are interested in working with the future government of Afghanistan on the condition that this government be impartial and not against it(America),” said Jawid Sangdil, an international relations expert.
In this interview, the US National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications said he considered Daesh a viable threat to the current government of Afghanistan and the world.
“[The Taliban] are constantly under threat by ISIS in Afghanistan. … We know that ISIS remains still a viable threat, a credible threat, not just in Afghanistan, but in other parts of the world too,” Kirby said.
The Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, rejected these claims and said that the US had not kept its promise to the Islamic Emirate and had always worked to prevent recognition of the Afghan government.
“Unfortunately, the promises made by the US have not yet been fulfilled. The issue of the blacklists of Islamic Emirate officials have not yet been resolved, along with the normalization of relations between the US and Afghanistan, toward which we have made a final attempt in the past year and a half. Unfortunately, the US still continues to apply pressure,” Mujahid said.
Meanwhile, William Burns, the director of the CIA, stated at a Georgetown University School of Foreign Service event that Daesh continues to be a threat.
“I think the successful US airstrike against Ayman al-Zawahiri, the co-founder of Al Qaeda directly responsible along with Bin Laden for the deaths of more than three thousand innocent people and 9/11 and many other acts of terrorism, was a demonstration of our continuing commitment as an agency and as a government,” Burns said.
The Islamic Emirate government has not been recognized by any country in the over a year and a half, although many of its neighbors, including Iran, Pakistan, China, and Uzbekistan, have diplomatic missions in Kabul.