IHC directs PMC to address students’ grievances against exams

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Islamabad High (IHC) on Tuesday directed the Paki-stan Medical Commission to hear students’ complaints against entry tests of medical colleges and address their grievances.

The court also instructed the students to approach the MPC, saying that their complaints would be heard there.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah conducted hearing into the case filed by students of medical alleging irregularities in entrance examinations.

At the outset of hearing, the petitioners’ lawyer contended that changing was made in exam days. He said that entrance exams come under the jurisdiction of provinces and it couldn’t be taken in federal under the law.

The chief justice said that the regulatory authority PMC didn’t fall under the provincial jurisdiction.

The PMC lawyer said earlier provinces used to take separate written exams, now there was only one written exam for the whole country, examination system had been computerized, online results were available and the technical problem was solved in one day.

The petitioner’s counsel said that the Peshawar High Court had sought papers from the PMC to this the Chief Justice said that it was not the job of the court to check the papers. The Supreme Court had made it clear that the courts wouldn’t interfere in academic matters, he said.

According to the PMC, two exams were not taken from the students. The court adjourned the case till January 14, with above instructions.