Illegal immigration: 5 youths reached Swat following release from captivity in Libya

Shafi Ullah

MINGORA: Anguished youths were sold to bandits in Libya by mafia agents who had showed dreams of taking them to Italy. After three months of continuous brutal violence, the agent himself and the robbers got freedom after receiving a total amount of more than 4 crore rupees through the agent.

The agent had legally asked to be taken to Italy but was later tricked and trapped in Libya. Dozens of people are still being tortured in private prisons of robbers in Libya. Jabran Khan, Khalil Ullah, Rasheed Ahmed, Dawood Bacha of Bara Samy Teh Kabal and Shahid Ali of Charbagh Tehsil, who were released from a private prison in Libya, said while talking to the media at the Swat Press Club, they said that we 10 desperate youths were assured by a Pakistani-agents to carry to Italy in 15 days at a cost of 18 lakh 15 thousand rupees.

On August 14, 2022, we were taken from Peshawar Airport to Karachi, then to Saudi Arabia, from there to Egypt and later to Libya, and we were asked to submit amount to onboard you to Italy. Compulsively we contacted our families and gave them the money, but these agents named Chaudhry Riasat Ali alias Asif District Gujarat kept us captive in and then we were sold to notorious Libyan Ali mafia Group held hostage by Pakistani agents Imran, Asif of Lala Musa Punjab and the famous Zamana Ali group of Libya.

They tortured us immensely and kept us in their private prison and contacted our families and demanded another 21.21 lakh rupees per person for our release. Our family members contact their agents namely Imran and Asif in District Lala Musa and give Rs 21, 21 lakh per person they said.

They said that dozens of people from Swat are still being held by the Ali Group mafia. They said that we strongly demand the present government and higher authorities to arrest Pakistani agents of Punjab as soon as possible and bring them to justice and recover our money save more youth from this problem.