Illegal migration and East’s dilemma

A migrant vessel reportedly broke apart while trying to land with about 150 people aboard near the coastal town of Crotone in Southwest Italy. According to the reports, 58 migrants including a baby have died and over 80 people survived including those who managed to reach the shore after the sinking in rough sea waters. Italian authorities told the media that those onboard were mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iran, and some African nations.

Migration is a divine and healthy phenomenon if it comes through legal means because it benefits both the country of origin and the host nation, in the shape of the transfer of a skilled workforce, exchange of knowledge and expertise, social diversity, economic growth, and modern innovations through the relocation of brilliant minds to developed nations while at the same time, this activity supports the developing countries in lowering the unemployment, help support budgetary needs through foreign remittances and brings prosperity in the poor nations. legal and regular migration has some negative impacts also on both nations including causing a brain drain in developing countries and leading to an increase in population and crimes, waged depression, and stress on public services in the host nations.

Presently, an unimaginable influx of migrants of people of different colors and clans across the world has caused various administrative, fiscal, and law and order issues in the west, and western nationalists leader including America’s Donald Trump, Hungarian Viktor Orban, Italy’s Georgia Meloni, and others introduced anti-migrants policies and put curbs on legal immigration in their countries. However, people living in famine and violence hit African nations, Afghanistan, and Syria along with Pakistanis fleeing increasing poverty and lawlessness using all possible means to reach the wealthy nations to secure the future of their coming generations.

In fact, poverty, unceasing military conflict, ethnic and religious rivalries, and violence immensely contribute to legal and illegal migration and prompt people residing in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe to leave their native nations in search of economic opportunities in peaceful and Developed western nations. Meanwhile, criminal gangs, human traffickers, and smugglers exploit people’s needs and mobilize worldwide illegal migration which leads to the annual turnover of billions of dollars across the world. Presently, illegal migration has shaped into an industry due to weak legislation, lax border, and immigration regimes, and corruption, while millions of migrants annually move through the dangerous sea and land routes, across mountainous terrains in Eastern Europe, Brazil, and Mexico, while dozens of refugees ships/boats illegally land on Italian and Spanish shores or dock on sea harbors in emergency and humanitarian grounds.

Multiple carnages of mass killings, border shootings, and ship swamps happened over the past years that cost thousands of lives of innocent migrants in the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas and mountainous wild jungles in Brazil and Mexico. The reports suggest that the majority of the victims of the recent migrants’ vessel were Pakistanis who risk their lives to reach mainland Europe. Realistically, the resource-rich Pakistan fell victim to the incompetence and corruption of its leaders, which turned the South Asian nation into a unlivable land, thus people consider themselves insecure in their country and rush toward Europe and America to live a prosperous life. Awfully, no one knows how long that situation will persist.