Imran considering himself a Ladla: Sharjeel

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Provincial Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that Pakistan People’s Party believes that there should not be any kind of leaks, especially leaks from the Prime Minister’s House are a matter of concern and should be investigated.
He said that the federal government is being very lenient with Imran Khan, because of the delay in taking action against Imran Khan, he is considering himself a ‘ Ladla’. If he had been from Sindh, such lenience would not have been possible. The minister said this while addressing a press conference on Friday at Sindh Archives Complex.
He said that Pakistan is not a playground, where games are being played, it is a country of 220 million people. He added that Imran Khan is making big conspiracies by attacking the establishment, the judiciary and the Election Commission in his greed for the thurst of power. ‘ Imran can go to any extent for the it ,’ he added. The minister said: The coward person came to apologize today in lower court of Islamabad to avoid his disqualification as he guessed that the Islamabad High Court would disqualify him if he have not apologized.
‘ If he (Imran) had any respect for the courts, he would have apologized for threatening the honorable judge the very next day of public gathering. He said that Imran Khan had insulted the highest post of Prime Minister during his tenure and violated the oath of the office. ‘ A false cipher that had no head, no foot, used to misguid the people and to cause damaged to Pakistan US relation.
He blamed that Imran Khan, along with Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the Foreign Office, exceeded their authority and misused the powers to benefit their political party and to prolong their rule. He added that if they had any objections to diplomatic letter, they would had summoned the American diplomats and recorded their protest on the matter. The minister reminded that Imran Khan and his government had not taken any diplomatic way on the matter rather created a narrative of American conspiracy.
He said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government of Imran Khan gave a red carpet welcome to the ambassador of the same country and hired the services of a lobbying firm from the donations to improve relations with the same country. On other hand Imran Khan continued to incite the sentiments of people against America for his own vested interests.
Sharjeel Inam Memon, recalling the benefits of Imran Khan’s 3 and half-year government narrated that the first benefit was that they destroyed the country’s economy to such an extent that even the next governments could not control it. Imran Khan signed agreements with the IMF and later not obeyed it . Imran Khan played with Pakistan’s foreign policy and clossal damaged was made to the long standing relations with friendly countries due to its poor policies and put the interests of the country at stake. Now Imran Khan wants to play with the youth of Pakistan and with it’s people as there are not 220 million humans but 220 million toys for Imran Khan, with whom he wants to play. He said that our culture is based on traditional values.In which the elders, children and women have a high place, Imran Khan wants to destroy the very fabric of our society to gain his own interests by creating hate in the minds of young generation.
The provincial minister said that Chairman and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has presented the case of flood hit people in the effective manner at the international level, to which many countries and international organizations have responded positively. ‘Relations with countries that were at halt due to ineffective foreign policy in the past are improving and new trade opportunities are opening for Pakistan.
He said that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is playing the role of the best statesman. He has taken a stand before the world leaders that he did not come to seek aid, but came to fight the case of damage caused to Pakistan by other countries due to climate change. Sharjeel Inam Memon said that the survey of the damages of floods and rains is under way, the natural disaster was so big that its losses are also very huge.
He added that Sindh government is committed with it’s people and will cut its development and non-development expenses for the resettlement of these millions of people. The government will build houses for affected people and compensate the farmers for losses if their crops.
He said that flood affectees from Karachi and other cities are returning to their homes, while relief operations are under way to provide the relief to millions of displaced people . He added that as many as 362,744 tents, 377,816 tarpaulins, 2,687,010 mosquito nets, 782,388 liters of mineral water, 96,469 sleeping mats, 18,916 cattle mosquito nets and other items have been provided to the victims up till now. He said that ration bags have also been provided to 1060771 families. More over, the affected people are being provided with two meals a day in all relief camps and tent cities established across the province. When asked about the approval of the development works of the Greater Thal Canal by the federal government, he said that the Sindh government of the Pakistan People’s Party has a clear stand on such projects/matters. We had always opposed the projects which against the interests of people of Sindh and will strongly continue to oppose such projects.