Imran Khan making fruitless efforts to pressurize govt: Zubair

ISLAMABAD (APP):Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Muhammad Zubair on Sunday accused Imran Khan of using below-the-par tactics in a bid to pressurize civil and military leadership to book his seat again in the power corridors.
However, he said while talking to a private news channel, Imran Khan’s every effort to exert pressure on the government was in vain. “That is why, he has turned his guns towards ‘Rawalpindi’.”
Zubair said no matter what Imran Khan could do, long march or sit-ins, it was sure that he would not succeed in his ulterior motives.
When the PTI chief drained out his energies while trying to make the Army Chief’s appointment controversial, he took a U-turn yet again by saying that “we have withdrawn from the matter”.
“I ask Imran Khan that when you have publicly announced setting yourself aside from the COAS appointment, you must stick to your words, and refrain from talking about the matter anymore,” Zubair said.
The federal government would not bow down to any unconstitutional demand of Imran Khan, especially related to holding early elections, the PML-N stalwart added.