Imran not a politician, but ‘terrorist’; Zaman Park ‘bunker of terrorists’: Marriyum

LAHORE (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday said that Imran Khan was not a politician but a “terrorist”, his Zaman Park residence was a bunker of terrorists and a laboratory for petrol bombs.
Addressing a press conference, here, the information minister said that if the writ of the state, judiciary and police would be challenged, the civil war would erupt in the country.
Marriyum Aurangzeb said the police job was to provide protection to the courts which were the guardian of justice. “If the courts compromise the police writ, then there will be a civil war in this country and every street of this country will have its own law.” If Imran was allowed to flout the law, gangs, hooligans and terrorists would emerge from every street and attack courts and police, she said. “If you think that by giving protection and this concession to a ‘Ladla’ there will be rule of law in this country, then you are wrong,” the minister said.
Marriyum said the courts have been summoning a person since August 23 last year but he did not appear and when the court ordered to arrest and produce the person, he instigated his followers to attack the judiciary. It has never happened in the history of the country that a criminal was summoned in court and was provided with the facility to make attendance from his car.
Imran Khan who ruled and dominated this country for four years had put all political opponents in death cells to settle political scores. He did not even spare sisters and daughters of political opponents and also got them arrested even from hospital beds. Imran during his misrule destroyed the national economy, made the people unemployed and deprived them of two timely meals.
During PTI rule, she said prices of edible items like flour and sugar, cooking oil and electricity and gas tariffs skyrocketed which hit the common man badly. The minister alleged that this person had gone mad after losing power, and now from a political terrorist, he had become a terrorist attacking the state institutions.
She said when the PDM government came to power last year, it had the power and authority to arrest Imran Khan but did not want Imran to allow him to play the victim card.
She said that Imran Khan was booked in corruption cases, Toshakhana gifts theft, Tyrian White paternity case as law had taken its course without any interference from the present government.
The minister said as Imran had no answer to the allegations against him, he had set the country on fire through arson and attacking the police.
Imran Khan used to say that his life was in danger, he was sick, he was an elderly person and could not appear in court. She said Imran also alleged that the government will kill him after arrest, gave that reason for not appearing in court.
The police were only following court orders, but PTI goons attacked the police and burnt police vans she said. “Yesterday it was proved that claim of Imran Khan’s threat to life is bogus and if he is sick, there is a plan to kill him, then what happened yesterday,”, she questioned.
The minister said Imran Khan was a liar, “terrorist and cowardly person and the public saw everything yesterday that this cowardly foreign agent did not want to appear before the court”. Marriyum Aurangzeb said the government had repeatedly told the court that Imran would attack the writ of the state and past few days actions of Imran Khan and his goons had vindicated its stance.
“Imran is intimidating the court with hooliganism and terrorism,” she maintained. This[Imran Khan] cowardly person from Zaman Park, Lahore to Islamabad Trial Court, armed with weapons attacked but did not appear in the court.
The police which was trying to implement the court orders, was attacked by Imran Khan’s violent followers, she said. Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the masses had seen what happened in Zaman Park before the Islamabad incident.
It was the responsibility of police to protect the society but it had been attacked by a terrorist, she said adding the police was the guarantor of society’s safety, adding that Imran.