Imran trying to harm country by spreading lies: Sharjeel

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that a foreign conspiracy being hatched against Pakistan, and added that it is not that conspiracy about which Imran Khan was talking about but it is the Imran Khan’s conspiracy through which he is busy in misleading people and spreading lies in the country with the funding of India and Israel. Imran Khan is trying to harm the country by spreading lies and creating chaotic situation and he became a security risk for the country as well.
Memon said that Imran Khan wants to see martial law rule imposed in the country by talking about imposing martial law so that international sanctions would be imposed on the country leading to economic instability in the country. He said that international organizations and countries were sending aids from all over the world for flood affectees and international media was highlighting the flood devastations caused by recent floods in it’s headlines but Imran Khan has harmed the entire issue and diverted the attention of the national and international media towards the Long March.
Now, media is not covering or highlighting the plight of the flood victims but Imran Khan’s long march is focus of the media which is tantamount to a biggest conspiracy and such conspiracy .
This he expressed while addressing a press conference in the Sindh Assembly Auditorium on Wednesday. He said that this person is continuously telling lies and as much as he recites the most Tasbeh then same way talks the most lies. Imran Khan has no plan for the development of Pakistan only telling lies and he is merely working on the agenda of India and Israel and targeting the national institutions. He said that Imran Khan wants to see bloodshed in the country so that he can achieve his goals.
On this occasion, Sindh Minister Information also presented video slides on projector before the media containing the comments and interviews of the respectable personalities of Pakistan Dr. Israr Ahmed, Abdul Sattar Edhi, late Hakeem Saeed about Imran Khan and others. He told the mediapersons that he wanted to present facts of the past about Imran Khan before the innocent people who are presenting fraudy Imran Khan as an angel. “In these videos, the renowned personalities of Pakistan revealed the real face of Imran Khan infront of the nation several years before Imran Khan became the Prime Minister.
He said that the late Hakeem Saeed had written in his book ‘ Japan Ki Kahani’ that Imran Khan had been nurtured by the Israeli lobby as hero of Pakistan for slot of prime minister. He added that Abdul Sattar Edhi had told in his one of the interview that how Imran Khan conspired on the behest of Hameed Gul to overthrow the government of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Sharjeel Memon said Imran Khan is a test tube baby who is plotting against the state institutions and he had always supported the unconstitutional forces in the country.
He further said that the entire nation was saddened on the murder of Arshad Sharif, but Imran Khan and his party had been trying to achieve their own goals by giving a political color to this heinous murder. Minister pointed out that Arshad Sharif had exposed Imran Khan in his program and revealed that PTI had received huge foreign funding from India and Israel. While analysing the last five days addresses of Imran Khan on container, Minister said that Imran Khan gave his speeches an Islamic touch and a foreign conspiracy touch while the foreign conspiracy drama and cipher narrative of Imran Khan is badly exposed now in the country.
Adding that it was fake and fabricated narratives of Imran Khan hatched to save himself and his associates from corruption scandals. He said that Imran Khan hurling abuses against the united states of America during his speeches at every stage but during his tenure, when Imran Khan retuned from USA visit and after meeting with Donald Trump, he said that he was not much happy to win the Cricket World Cup in 1991 as much as he has pleased by visiting America.
Memon said that in order to seek USA support, PTI has hired the services of a lobbying firm in the United States. He criticizingly said that Imran Khan is delivering lectures on the doctrine of Amar Bil-Maruf but other side, he ran campaign in the support of his ex-brother in law, Zec gold Smith, against Pakistani born muslim during the London elections, and he had also donated £5000 pounds in his campaign.
While referring to a tweet by Zach Goldsmith, Memon said that Mr. Zac Goldsmith declared Imran Khan the least corrupt person in the world. The Sindh Minister said that global corruption index related international organizations have revealed that record corruption was observed in Pakistan during Imran Khan’s tenure when he was premier. Imran Khan had used NAB as weapon against his political opponents, while the cases of his people like Pervez Khattak and Mehmood Khan were closed.
Sharjeel Memon said that none others but Imran Khan’s own officers of KPK Chief Minister’ Inspection team had unearthed kickbacks of Rs. 7 billion in Peshawar BRT during his tenure and instead of taking action against Parvez Khatak, he was promoted by Imran Khan appointed as Defense Minister in federal government. While raising questions on the composition of Shoukat Khanum Trust Board, he said that family members of Imran Khan were placed at the board of directors of Shoukat Khanum Trust hospital and Aleema Khan was also inducted as member into it.
Adding that other members of board were appointed as Minister of Health in the federal government.He said that millions of homes are owning sewing machines in Pakistan, but no one has earned billions of rupees from these sewing machines but Aleema Khan is a unique case who purchased properties of Rs 2 billion in abroad which she earned from sewing machines. Despite commiting such crimes and scandals, nothing have happened to Imran Khan, he did not send behind the bars, and even didn’t face any harshness of investigation agencies.
Sharjeel Inam Memon said that Imran Khan has given relief every time from the courts and even without appearing before the court of law. He said that in the 75-year history of Pakistan, many military commanders have come and gone, but no one involved heed to it as it was a routine matters of important state institutions, while it happened for the first time that the appointment of the Army Chief has been made controversial by PTI chief . The Minister during press conference asked from Imran Khan that who is he to give three names for the appointment of army chief.
He said that Imran Khan is a big liar and his lies must be stopped in a legal and constitutional way. He added that it is the core responsibility of the whole society and every person to stop Imran Khan’s lies to spread. He said that Imran Khan disolved the national assembly in an unconstitutional manner and violated constitution of Pakistan, later his move was declared null and void by the Supreme Court. He said that the federal government has remained lenient with Imran Khan while he does not deserve such leniency. Responding to a question, he said that today is the era of digital media and people’s minds are being controlled by scientific way using social media. Everyone knows how social media was used in the US election in which Donald Trump won.
Social media has an important role in today’s era . He said that Imran Khan has been focusing on social media for the past 10 years and spending billions of rupees on it received from India and Israel. While responding a question about Imran Khan arrival to Sindh, he said that it is merely a day dreaming for Imran Khan as people of Sindh already rejected Imran Khan in past and will reject him in the future as well.