Imran using children, women as shield to avoid arrest

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Monday that ‘a foreign-funded agent, a Toshakhana gifts thief’ was acting like a jackal and hiding behind women and children to avoid arrest for his crimes.
Addressing the media persons here, she said when the police contingent left, the cowardly Imran Khan came out and started bragging and abusing the institutions. Castigating, Imran Khan, she said this person had held the law and constitution of Pakistan as a hostage.
The minister observed that despite all his actions, he was being treated by the justice system leniently. She said it was clear to everyone that the louder, he would scream, the sooner he would get relief. Marriyum Aurangzeb said Imran was aware that if he would attack, bully and threaten the Judiciary, he would get bail.
Criticizing Imran for his constant refusal to appear in courts, she said this person did not appear in courts because he knew that he was a foreign agent and involved in theft of the Toshakhana gifts. She said that Imran Khan was responsible for the swindling of national exchequer and pushed the country towards inflation. The minister said that Imran was fully aware that the day he would appear in court, he would be arrested as he had committed crimes.
‘‘When the police comes to arrest him, he starts screaming and takes shelter behind women and children using them as human shield,” she added. She said that it was like an example of a person who confessed to his theft but dared the law to arrest him.
She said that the entire system was at his mercy, and no one could arrest him and the courts could not summon him. She said that it was strange that a person used derogatory language against the national institutions but he got relief very quickly. Marriyum opined that Imran Khan was aware that he would get bail and relief if he would ridicule and abuse the judiciary.
The minister challenged him that if he had not committed any crime, he should appear in courts and face the law of the land. Taking a dig at Imran she said “Samjhauta Express” was ready for departure at Zaman Park but no one was ready to board it, rather she said it was not Samjhauta Express but he was begging for NRO which the foreign agent needed to escape accountability.
“The foreign-funded agent needs an NRO to escape punishment for the crimes he had committed”, she maintained. Marriyum Aurangzeb said that Imran should have thought about this before stealing watches and committing robberies at Toshakhana and getting prohibited foreign-funding and involving in money laundering through his employees.