Imran’s helicopter cannot land on Parade Ground

ISLAMABAD (INP): The Islamabad administration has rejected the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) request regarding the landing of party chief Imran Khan’s helicopter at the Parade Ground. According to details, the Islamabad administration refused to allow landing of Imran Khan’s helicopter at the Parade Ground. However, the authorities have given conditional permission to PTI for holding a rally.
In a statement, the administration said the parade ground does not have a helipad, while pointing out the ‘sensitivity’ of the area. It also directed PTI Chairman to submit affidavit with his signature by November 25. The administration has given 36 conditions to PTI for holding a rally. The administration, in the statement, stated that PTI rally would have to use specific routes. “The PTI’s convoy from Peshawar will use Peshawar and IJP Roads from GT Road and Motorway,” it added.
The statement further noted that the caravans from Punjab will use Rawat’s T-Chowk to Koral and then to Rawalpindi. Meanwhile, the convoys from Murree and Azad Kashmir will proceed from Koral Chowk Interchange towards Old Airport Road. The Islamabad administration, however, pointed out that permission was granted for only one day. “If any untoward incident occurs, the permit will be cancelled,” the admin warned.
Meanwhile, PTI leader Asad Umar has reiterated his party’s demand for allowing PTI chief Imran Khan’s helicopter to land at Islamabad’s Parade Ground, citing ‘serious security threats” to the former prime minister.
“Everyone is aware that there are serious security threats to Imran. Therefore, it is very important that permission to granted for the landing of his helicopter at Parade to ensure his safe arrival and departure,” he said in a tweet.
The PTI leader claimed the district administration was delaying the matter and expressed the hope that the Islamabad High Court would decide the matter soon. Earlier PTI has sought permission from the Islamabad administration to allow it to proceed from different routes of Islamabad to reach Faizabad in Rawalpindi.
The party has also sought permission for the landing and taking off of PTI chief Imran Khan’s helicopter at Islamabad’s Parade Ground. PTI’s Islamabad President Ali Nawaz Awan submitted an application to the district administration on last Monday and sought permission to use routes for the PTI’s public gathering at Faizabad on November 26.
Although the application did not clearly state whether it will be a one-day gathering or a sit-in, the intention was clear that the November 26 rally can be converted into a sit-in. The PTI has kept the option open in line with its strategy to keep its cards close to its chest and not give the government too much reaction time. On the other hand, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and the Rawalpindi district administration suggested that the PTI change the venue of the sit-in on November 26. The security of sensitive buildings near Faizabad and the Pakistan-England cricket series at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium were feared to be affected.