‘India committing war crimes in IIOJK by violating Article-82 of Rome Statue of ICC’

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: India is Committing War Crimes in IIOJK by violating Article-82 (2b, VIII) of the Rome Statue of International Criminal Court (ICC) and article 143 of Geneva Convention-IV.

It was said by Federal Minister for Human Rights, Dr.  Shireen Mizari along with the son and nephew of Famous Kashmiri freedom fighter and political leader Dr. Asiya Andrabi, founder of Dukhit-e-Raan-e-Millat. She informed the media that Asiya Andrabi is under detention in Tihar Jail of India for years and presently, she is facing inhuman treatment by the Indian government during imprisonment with deteriorating health conditions. Indian government is setting stage for judicial murder of Asiya Andrabi in coming weeks.

She pointed out that under Geneva Convention IV, Article 49, it is prohibited to transfer an individual or group of “protected persons from occupied territory to the occupying power, regardless of their motives”. She highlighted that India had violated article 49 multiple times by transferring Kashmiri leaders including Asiya Andrabi, her husband Dr. Ashiq Hussain Faktoo and other leaders from Kashmiri prisons to notorious Tihar Jail. 

Dr. Mazari said beside it, India is also violating Article 76 of Geneva Convention IV, while not allowing the delegate of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to visit the prison. This article also calls That women shall be confined in separate quarters and shall be under the direct supervision of women. She also said that it is the binding duty of India being the signatory of International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law of the United Nations World Summit in 2005.

Son of Asiya Andrabi Ali Bin Qasim told the media about brutal treatment of Indian government with Kashmiris freedom fighters and their family. He told the media that his father Dr. Ashiq Hussain Faktoo is in Indian Prison serving life sentence for 27 years.

Dr. Mujahid, nephew of Asiya Andrabi also talked to the media. He said that Indian government is using all its force to suppress the voice of Kashmiris. Indian government arrested the Asiya Andrabi and her associates Famida Sufi and Nahida Nasreen in Oct 2016. Their sin was to raise voice for the rights of women and right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir. Indian government charged them with act of terrorism and other draconian laws under public safety act. Later, they were transferred to Tihar jail.

While discussing Indian Draconian laws Dr. Mazari said that Indian Supreme Court defined the term “death imprisonment” as the imprisonment till death of the individual during a verdict in 2012. Presently, Indian government is using this verdict to penalize Asiya Andrabi to kept her behind bar till her death. It is just like a judicial murder of an individual. She called International Community and International human rights organizations including Amnesty International to play their role to end this draconian law and save the life of a human rights and women rights defender of IIOJK.

He also stated that the Issue will be raised by the Government of Pakistan at different UN platforms including Secretary General, HR Commission, ICJ and other international organizations. She also informed that it is also case of women rights and will be raised at different women caucuses in the World.