Indian military consider S-400 training a step in development of partnership with Russia

NEW DELHI (TASS): The visit of the Indian military delegation to Russia for training in operation of the S-400 air defense systems is a step in development of partner relations between the two countries, an Indian Air Force staff headquarters representative told TASS ahead of departure of almost 100 Indian servicemen to Russia.

“I would say this is another step towards India and Russia strategic partnership,” the representative said at the sidelines of a meeting that took place in the Russian Embassy Tuesday. The event was attended by the heads of the Indian delegations, the representatives of the Indian Air Force headquarters, and the Russian Ambassador to India Nikolai Kadashev and the military attach· Konstantin Zadorin, as well as other diplomats and the media.

As the journalists were told during the event, the Indian military usually do not visit foreign diplomatic missions in groups. But, this time, an exception was made for Russian, in order to underscore what importance India gives to development of relations with Moscow.

A group of about 100 Indian servicemen will depart to Russia in the upcoming days; their training will take between three and six months. After a while, a second group will depart as well.

The S-400 Triumf is a Russian missile air defense system of long and intermediate range. It is intended for elimination of means of air offensive and reconnaissance measures amid intensive fire and electronic counteraction. The system is capable of hitting planes and cruise missiles at up to 400 kilometers, and ballistic targets travelling at up to 4.8 km/s at altitudes of up to 30 kilometers.