India’s unchecked acquisition of arms initiates an arms race: FO

Muhammad Asad
ISLAMABAD: India’s unchecked acquisition of arms had created an unbalance and initiated an arms race in the region. It was observed by the Spokesperson Pakistan Foreign Office, Ambassador Asim Iftikhar Ahmad during his weekly news briefing on Friday.
In a response to a media query regarding the deployment of the S-400 air Defense system by India on its border with Pakistan, the spokesperson said that it has been the longstanding concern of Pakistan which Pakistan had categorically raised at various global forums including the United Nations that India has gathered heaps of destructive weapons in the region while over 70 percent inventory of that deadly arsenal had been deployed against Pakistan.
According to him, India’s massive military buildup caused serious concerns for Pakistan, while such hawkish and irresponsible provocation will instigate an arms race in the region.
While answering another question regarding unfreezing some Afghan assets by the US Administration, Asim welcome the move taken by the Biden administration and said that Pakistan has been a strong supporter of unfreezing Afghan assets held abroad due to the dire humanitarian situation prevailing in neighboring Afghanistan. The Spokesperson was of the view that the United States should not attach any string regarding the use of freezer assets so the Afghan interim government can use that money for the wellbeing of the Afghan people.
While commenting on Pak-US relations, the Spokesperson said that Pakistan has multifaceted ties with the United States, and both countries are cooperating with each through various bilateral mechanisms. According to him, Pakistan and the United States are working to further strengthen and diversify their bilateral relations based on mutual trust and respect.
The Spokesperson told the media that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will pay an official visit to Qatar next week, while Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is scheduled for a visit to four European nations including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. To another question regarding the situation in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) he said that India is taking every possible step to change the demographic structure in IIOJK.
Modi government has registered 2.5 million fake voters including security personnel, temporary stayers, and laborers along with the issuance of millions of fake domiciles while Pakistan has categorically rejected all these malicious acts and raised these unlawful and illegal measures of the Indian government at relevant global forums.