Inter-agency agreement to streamline official procedures for public

KABUL (TOLOnews): An agreement to simplify the administrative process has been signed between the administration reform and civil service department, the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute, and the Higher Education Ministry.
The administration reform and civil services department said that in less than a year more than 300 work processes in different ministries have been simplified and citizens of the country can process their documents at government institutions with greater ease.
“We have simplified 304 work proceedures in various ministries in the past 10 or 11 months,” said Abdul Hanan Arifullah, head of the administration reform and civil services.
According to the Higher Education ministry, the documents that were processed in one month now are processed in just ten days.
“We assured people, teachers, and students that we would solve their problems in an easy way, and we did it,” said Nida Mohammad Nadim, acting minister of Higher Education.
The Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute pledged continued improvements to the process.
“Before when our brothers came for their documents the process took several days and they stayed here for a few days, but today the process is very short,” said Ghulam Haidar Shahamat, head of the technical and vocational institute.