Interim KP CM’s proactive approach

Syed Adnan

PESHAWAR: In a transformative development for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the recent appointment of Interim Chief Minister Justice Rtd. Arshad Hussain Shah has ushered in a wave of positive change for the province. Since assuming the mantle of leadership, Justice Rtd. Shah has undertaken a multifaceted approach aimed at not only overseeing the electoral process but also prioritizing the welfare of the general public.

From the inception of his tenure, the interim CM has embarked on surprise visits to various government offices across different districts, signaling a commitment to grassroots engagement. This approach has not only served to keep administrative officials on their toes but has also contributed to an observable improvement in the efficiency of public services.

In an exclusive conversation with The Frontier Post, Justice Rtd. Arshad Hussain Shah articulated his dual role as an interim leader responsible for overseeing the upcoming general election and as a facilitator for the public during this transitional period. Expressing his dedication to ensuring free and fair elections, he concurrently underscored his commitment to addressing the immediate needs of the citizens.

Justice Rtd. Shah has proactively engaged with the Federal Government, advocating for the release of the province’s rightful share to address the prevailing financial challenges. This demonstrates a strategic awareness of the economic landscape and a commitment to securing the necessary resources for the province.

Noteworthy among his directives is a strong stance against corruption. In this regard, he has directed the Chief Secretary and IG Police to root out any corrupt practices within the province. Simultaneously, measures have been put in place to combat smuggling activities, emphasizing a commitment to maintaining law and order.

In a resolute statement, the interim CM assured the public that the upcoming days would witness tangible steps toward progress and prosperity. The comprehensive agenda outlined by Justice Rtd. Arshad Hussain Shah not only addresses immediate concerns but also aims to set a trajectory for sustained development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As the province grapples with its administrative challenges, the proactive and vigilant approach of the incumbent offers a promising outlook for the days ahead.