Interior Minister Sanaullah resolves to crush PTI long march

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ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has warned Imran Khan that he should not live in a fool’s paradise believing that he will be able to march on Islamabad. He resolved to thwart the PTI Long March with full might for which the security institutions will be fully empowered, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah fired a broadside at PTI Chairman Imran Khan saying that the Fitna (Imran) was now being exposed to the people while warning that the latter might confront the nation with some tragedy.

Addressing a presser in Islamabad on Friday, Sanaullah said that Imran was misleading youth. He urged the nation to recognize this Fitna (evil). He was of the view that the youth who took allegiance to the PTI chief for Haqeeqi Azadi, they were being misled. Imran does not know what is the real freedom, he added.

The minister warned that Imran could deal such a blow to the nation which could be irreparable.

Takes a dig at IK for taking oath from youth for Haqeeqi Azadi

He took a dig at the former prime minster saying that Haqeeqi Azadi had been lost in a ‘letter’ for which Imran was taking oath. He said Allah was exposing this ‘Fitna’ who was just a fraud and a liar. He lamented that Imran had waved a fake letter during his public address.

“He (Imran) kept on playing games with the nation and repeating the mantra of foreign interference in the regime change,” the minister rued. 

He deplored that Imran had ruined country’s foreign policy. He said in order to grab power, the PTI chief wanted to use every tactic. The former prime minister wants to divide nation and destroy the country, he added.

Dares Imran to take out rally

Interior Minister Sanaullah dared Imran to announce the date of his long march.

“We know what his (Imran’s) intentions are. Politically, the government is pondering over two suggestions. If only one suggestion out of the two is accepted, Imran does not have any idea what will happen to him,” Sanaullah said adding that the government would announce these suggestions, when Imran would announce the date of his long march. He vowed that the government would crush the PTI long march and would definitely secure Islamabad.

The interior minister was of the view that if such ‘crowd’ of people is allowed to assemble in Islamabad and make government to accept their demands then there would be no need of parliament, nor there would be any need of the Supreme and High Courts.

“We have made a holistic planning (to deal with them) for the good of this country and people, he asserted.

If Imran has got a Burger Force, then we have got a Trend Force, Sanaullah roared.

Latest audio leak has nailed Imran

Sanaullah said that Imran’s politics was buried under his recent audio leaks. He said Imran had spun a false narrative of foreign conspiracy. His latest third leak had completely nailed him in which he himself confessed that he was scheming. He kept on playing games with the nation. In his latest audio, he said that he could not make his plans public, the minister said adding that Imran confessed that he was buying five MNAs in the audio.

“Imran is accustomed to call others ‘thief’ and ‘dacoit’ but his own character is no better than (Farah) Gogi,” he minister criticized the former premier.

Senator Niazi detained due to his non-cooperation in foreign funding case

On Senator Saifullah Niazi’s detention, the interior minister said that the PTI leader was not appearing before the investigation agency in the foreign funding case that’s why he was taken in the protective custody.

No agencies involved in audio leaks

On audio leaks, Sanaullah claimed that no agency was involved in the leaks. He repeated that hacking a telephone was not a problem at all these days. He said that there was nothing explosive in the audio featuring Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

The minister also condoned the PTI criticism on the committee made to probe the audio leaks saying that the world had made so much progress on making such things secure.

Courtesy: (24news)