Iran called for formation of inclusive govt in Afghanistan

TEHRAN (Ariana News): Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again called for the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.
According to IRNA news agency, Nasser Kanani, the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said in a press conference on Monday: “Regardless of the developments related to the meetings and the level of Iran’s presence, we have a basic principle, we seek to help stability and security in Afghanistan for life with peace for the people of Afghanistan.”
He added: “We consider Afghanistan’s security to be Iran’s security, and in this framework, we believe in the usefulness of regional mechanisms to consolidate peace and stability in Afghanistan and to form a government that represents all the people of Afghanistan.”
Kanani said: “Iran’s all diplomatic activities are defined in this framework, and when we talk with the Taliban (Islamic Emirate), we express our views. We are committed to the people of Afghanistan and we believe that everyone should contribute to the formation of an inclusive government.”
This comes as the Islamic Emirate has said that the current government of Afghanistan is inclusive and it includes representatives of all ethnic groups.