Iron smelting plant inaugurated in Kabul city

KABUL (TOLOnews): An iron smelting factory opened in Kabul with a $10 million investment.
Some officials of the current Afghan government spoke at the factory’s the opening ceremony about the Islamic Emirate leadership’s unwavering support for all investors and businesspeople in the nation.
Speaking during the ceremony, Nooruddin Azizi, the acting Minister of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), said Afghanistan provides investment possibilities and that the Islamic Emirate supports all businesspeople and investors.
According to Azizi, businessmen who made money from Afghanistan and invested outside of Afghanistan are the enemies of the people.
“Whoever collects money from the impoverished, orphans, captives, and the poor inside Afghanistan, then goes to Dubai and makes investments there, in fact, they are our enemy, and we must hold them accountable,” Azizi said.
“We ask all the national investors who are outside the country to understand the current circumstances, take advantage of the security opportunity that is available in Afghanistan, and come to the country and invest in different sectors like this iron smelting factory inside their country,” said Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy of the Ministry of Economy.
This iron smelting factory has provided employment for around 700 people in Kabul. Meanwhile, officials of various areas of the private sector want to support Afghanistan’s domestic production and asked the Islamic Emirate to provide them with more investment facilities.
“We currently have 42 plants in the iron smelting industry, we desperately need the mines to be available to so that we can extract them, because we have the support of the government and the Ministry of Commerce. We have full capacity in this sector,” said Abdul Nasir Reshtia, the executive director of the union of iron smelting factories.
“There are investors, customers and opportunity in Afghanistan in mining, in industry, in Afghanistan’s waters, and agriculture. Trust me that there is a treasure in every corner of Afghanistan. Every corner of the country is an opportunity,” said Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, deputy of the Chamber of Industries and Mines.
According to data from the Union of Iron Smelting Factories, 42 steel production factories are now active in the nation, and nearly $500 million have been invested in this industry.