‘Is this treason?’

Victoria Nikiforova

“Is this treason?” – Without further ado, the Fox News host asks the head of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability of the US House of Representatives, James Comer, on the air. The congressman, not expecting such a turn, is speechless for a few seconds. It can be understood – after all, the program is about the President of the United States. It is Joe Biden that the Republicans are now publicly accusing of treason, and this is a direct basis for both impeachment and criminal investigation of the activities of members of the president’s family.
How did old Joe come to such a life, turning from a treasure of the nation into a traitor to the motherland? The scandal was triggered by documents labeled “Top Secret”. They were suddenly found in the president’s personal office in the Washington office of the Penn Biden Center, although by law they should have been transferred to the National Archives long ago.
The X-Files date back to that exciting period in Biden’s career when he was Vice President under Obama, and his son Hunter actively solicited bribes from the Ukrainian establishment, funded mysterious biolabs, and openly traded access to his dad’s body. Among the most sensitive documents are intelligence reports – in particular on Iran, Great Britain and Ukraine. The question involuntarily arises, what personal interest did Biden have when he stored these papers at his place? What did he really want to hide?
At the suggestion of the Republicans, the indifferent public began to ask these questions. The White House reflected them in its classic style: “What is it?”
The administration’s official version was that presidential aides had found the documents themselves and announced their existence. However, this lie was immediately exposed. Secret materials were found back in November, on the eve of the midterm elections. But then the scandal could destroy the Democratic Party, and the president’s aides did everything to make sure that Biden’s failure was known only in January.
The Democratic Party has offered Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee the case. It looked like a natural slap in the face of public opinion, because Merrick Garland, without hiding at all, serves the interests of the Democratic Party.
Then the administration began to demonstrate how the president diligently cooperates with the investigation. The Bidens have been allowed to search their luxurious mansion in Wilmington, Delaware. Joe and Jill left the house, and for twelve hours the estate was furrowed by representatives of the Department of Justice.
Didn’t have to search long. A few more secret documents were found right in the garage, not far from the famous Biden sports car. This is a powerful “Corvette” of 1967 – a very beautiful car of those times when the oil crisis has not yet forced Americans to change to small cars. In his youth, Biden liked to drive it under two hundred km / h. However, he still drives it now – to the horror of those around him, of course. Somewhere under the bottom of this beautiful machine in patriarchal simplicity lay folders with secret documents.
How did it happen? journalists asked Biden. “My corvette is in a locked garage, okay?” the President of the United States answered. “They (documents. — Approx. ed.) weren’t just lying around on the street…” Regarding the top secret documents at the Penn Biden Center, he said that completely forgot about them and knows nothing.
Sleepy Joe probably forgot, but in general, such handling of classified files is a serious crime. Secret files must be kept at the National Archives and nowhere else. Literally a few months ago, the same Biden was worth the wing of Donald Trump, on whose estate documents with the Top Secret stamp were also found. Based on these findings, a whole investigation arose. Trump is still being hauled in for interrogations and the media are zealously washing his bones.
Biden is getting away with everything. True, Merrick Garland, feigning impartiality, appointed Trump’s man, Prosecutor Robert Hur, to investigate this case. However, Hur does not dig into the most interesting questions related to this case. The political opponents of the Biden clan had natural suspicions that the family could trade top secret documents to the side.
For example, his son Hunter, a patented drug addict, a libertine and a bribe taker, lived in the Wilmington Biden mansion more than once. Did he play in the garage with his dad’s papers? Well, if he just twisted them into joints. But what if he passed them on for a considerable price to his numerous counterparties?
The Bidens’ ill-wishers began to correlate the compromising evidence from Hunter’s legendary laptop with the dates on the papers and found a lot of interesting things. While Joe was shoving paperwork into his personal stash, Hunter was receiving a lot of money and valuable gifts from a variety of shady businessmen. One Chinese gave him, for example, a round diamond of more than three carats. In total, during that period, Hunter had one hundred and fifty accounts, into which money flowed from all over the world. So why did he get them?
Of interest is the fact that the Penn Biden Center is closely affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, and this university officially receives tens of millions of dollars in funding from China every year. At the same time, China is also officially declared in the United States as the number one strategic adversary. And here already the question of an American journalist about high treason does not seem such an exaggeration.
Today, the Republicans are trying to make the garage scandal an excuse to gain access to all the bank accounts of the Biden family. They are very interested in the activities of the Biden Center for Diplomacy, as well as the paintings of Hunter Biden – this tireless dude has recently closed up to contemporary artists and now sells his “canvases” for several hundred thousand dollars apiece. This opens up a wide field for investigations of bribes, money laundering, fraud with the budget.
Another interesting question is how did this case come out at all and why do all the new secret files come to light so carefully, in metered portions, without letting the scandal die out?
Speaking impartially, it looks like today not only society and the US army are split, but also the special services. Some of the “clerical” openly works for the Democratic Party, and some – for the Republicans. Those guys who serve the Republicans regularly leak dirt on the Bidens to the press. Here is the current scandal with secret documents. Here is Hunter’s legendary laptop, which looks like just a convenient excuse to publish all the new results of many years of surveillance of the president’s son. He does not let himself be forgotten and it is not known how the diary of the president’s daughter was obtained with a shocking compromising evidence on her father.
Interestingly, Hillary Clinton ‘s detractors managed to bring down Hillary Clinton with the help of a very similar scandal. In 2016, a Democratic presidential candidate was convicted of sending state secret materials via personal email. Those elections, as we remember, Hillary lost.
Will the Biden story come to impeachment? Highly doubtful. First, the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, and they will be able to block this initiative. Secondly, the Republicans, although they hate Biden, do not know what to do after his impeachment either. After all, Joe will be replaced by an even more unpleasant Kamala Harris. This woman is completely devoid of intelligence, charisma, and independence. It will be even more obedient to follow all the instructions of Obama – or whoever is there today, on behalf of the deep state, steers America.
Rather, the point here is that American politics is already living in 2024. The Republicans need a scandal with secret documents in order to exchange Biden for Trump. The same Comer, with whom we began our story, has already proposed in Congress to simultaneously close both investigations – both against the president and against the ex-president – and no longer dishonor before the voters.
Such an outcome would strengthen Trump’s position in the 2024 presidential election and, accordingly, weaken Biden. It seems that many employees in the American intelligence services are looking forward to the Republicans’ victory and are doing everything to bring it closer.