Islamic states and its threat

Few days back, the German Foreign Ministry got release of two women and 12 children from the al-Hol prison camp in northern Syria for their onward return to Germany. It was a humanitarian gesture from the German side. Kurdish autonomous government materialized it to lessen the burden on their security forces. According to Reports, there are about 64,000 people, most of them are Syrian and Iraqi Nationals of the region once occupied by the “Islamic State” (IS) in the past. The security officials of the camp were continuously urging to reduce the numbers of the camp, because numerous inmates still have radicalised and extremists ideas and can pose a potential threat to the camp.

As per Reports, there are a significant presence of ISIS fighters presently under ground and living secretly in disguise. Approximately, 3500 ISIS fighters hiding in Iraq and 4000 are in Syria. These fighters are presently acting as sleeper cells, inter connected through veiled messages and chat on internet. Another important mean of communication of ISIS leadership to its members is its weekly newsletter Al-Naba. As per Report of International Crisis Group, the Islamic States advised its fighters to prepare theirselves for future operations against Crusaders during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It stated that “escalate their military operations against (the West)apostate helpers in Muslim countries or repeat past terror attacks in Paris, London and Brussels at a time when these countries security and medical institutions have reached the limits of their capacity in some areas. Therefore, it should not be assumed that the topic of Islamic State is over in the Middle East and Africa. It’s hard core elements are still alive and preparing for realignment for future adventures. Islamic States continuously recruiting Muslim youth through its extremist ideology while using internet. Islamic States isolated groups are also present in the Europe and America. FBI usually monitors these suspects minutely and successful neutralised these operations by arresting the suspected recruits while boarding the plane for their destination in the Middle East. The World Powers particularly Muslim Countries in the Middle East and Asia should not overlook the emergence of this threat. The threat is alive and can re-emerge any time in future.