Israel’s provocation for a New War

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has revealed that Tehran has received intelligence from Iraq indicating that Americans might come under attack from “Israeli agent-provocateurs”. Zarif added that the purportedly planned attacks are intended to force the hand of US President Donald Trump to retaliate, apparently against Iran, which Washington has blamed for past attacks on its positions and buildings in Iraq. The US Embassy and other American facilities in “Green Zone” of Baghdad remained under rocket fire over the past two years. United States and the West always link these attacks to Iraqi militias allegedly backed by Iran. Usually, Iran dismissed these accusations.

However, this time Iran apparently took preemptive measures by informing the United States and International Community about Israel’s conspiracy plan against Iran. Javad Zarif also cautioned the President of the United States (POTUS) against falling for the alleged false-flag attacks and warned that his actions could “backfire badly”, not only against the US, but also against his “BFFs”.

In present scenario, the intelligence obtained by Iranian Intelligence agency is very much relevant and more likely to happen in coming days not only during Trump’s presidency but also after that. Israeli Intelligence agency “Mossad” is very expert and has history of conducting such covert operations. After US occupation of Iraq, Mossad has established a strong network of its agents and proxies inside Iraq and it is quite easier for Israeli Intelligence to stage an action as per methodology being used by Iraqi Militia having nexus with Iran. After conduct of such operation, Israel back western Media will create anti-Iran hype to facilitate US action against Iran in a short time.

Israel has already set the stage by normalizing and forging new diplomatic relations with most of the countries in the region. The aim of all these efforts of the United States and Israel was to build an anti-Iran collation in the region. Most of it has been done in the recent months. The countries not having diplomatic relations with Israel such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, also having understanding or discreet cooperation with Israel against Iran.

After recent accusations by the US for rocket attacks on US Embassy in Baghdad, the tension has been increased between the two countries. There were exchange of hot messages on Twitter between President Trump and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Wednesday. The U.S. military sent two nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the Middle East in a message of deterrence to Iran on Wednesday. Military buildup is a sign of further deterioration in US-Iran tension.

If one takes a glance on internal political landscape of the United States, Trump Israel nexus and the short time remaining in Trump’s exists from the White House, make it an urgency for Israel to achieve its hidden objectives before January 20, the last day of Trump in the office. The situation is quite critical for Israeli point of view, after January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden will reverse the Trump policy on Iranian Nuclear deal. The United States policy on Israel-Palestine conflict will ultimately be reviewed by the new administration. All this means, the successes gained by Israel during Trump presidency will badly hampered or get to be nullified.

The option to secure the Israeli interests in the region lies in initiation of a new US-Iran controversy so both parties could not achieve any common ground in coming days. There should be such mess in US-Iran tension that Biden administration can not be able to bridge up the gap. The Iranian call is timely and valid. International Community and United States must take notice of it to avoid any future conflict in the region.