Isteqlal Hospital has laser surgery capability

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Public Health said that Kabul’s Isteqlal Hospital has started providing laser surgery to patients.
According to the hospital’s administrators, this department has equipment worth $100,000, which was provided by the Ministry of Public Health.
Officials of the ministry added that efforts are ongoing to provide better treatment for patients in the country.
“We have nearly $100,000 worth of equipment available, and with the participation of our young scientific staff, we have effectively opened this department to the people of the country and opened the gate for the treatment of the ill. In the past, people would travel abroad for laser surgery,” said Mirwais Elmi, the hospital’s director.
Physicians said that the operation of this department is beneficial for the treatment of illnesses, particularly the maternal health unit, and they asked the Islamic Emirate to establish more laser operation facilities in the nation.
“One of my requests is to form a laparoscopic unit at our hospital right now for the purpose of training, I ask the government to work with me to re-establish this department in the hospital,” said Malali Rahim Faizi, the head of Malali Hospital.
The director of Isteqlal Hospital said that soon more centers with better equipment will be established in this hospital.