Jacking up of toll tax from NATO containers on the cards

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD:   The government is considering to raise the toll tax rates on NATO containers which are using Pakistan highways from Karachi to Afghan taking supply good  for the  allied forces  deputed in war torn country Afghanistan.

The ministry of communication is likely to enhance toll tax rate from 100 per cent to150 per cent, which will yield sufficient financial benefits to the government

The government has been charging  2500 US dollars per container from NATO  forces ,which carry goods for the forces stationed in Afghanistan to fight a war against terrorism

Pakistan and United States of America  have terse bilateral relation since the suspension of  security aid to Pakistan  on the charges  that Pakistan is not taking adequate measures against the Haqani network active in Afghanistan.

In tit for tat policy , Pakistan was expected to disrupt NATO supply  route but now the  government has decided to continue NATO supply for the time being and has decided to increase toll tax on NATO containers that plied on the Pakistan highways for carrying goods for USA and its allied forces .

The ministry of communication is pondering over the  toll tax matter as  it deal with the national highways and toll collection is its responsibility , the source privy to the development told this  scribe.

Through this move the government will collect sufficient revenue which will be billed another move to fill the coffer of the country hit by aid suspension by president Trump administration.

The source told that Ministry Communication is moving a summary to revise toll tax rate on NATO containers to prime minister for the approval and the finale notice would be issued with the consent of the highest authority.

The relation  between USA  and Pakistan has been touched tailspins since the C PEC  projects with China assistance are undertaking and the both countries are  not on talking terms due to anti-Pakistan outburst of  Trumps  unleashed  on various occasions.