Japan to complete Dr. Tetsu projects

KABUL (Agencies): Acting State for Natural Disaster Management Minister, Mullah Mohammad Abbass Akhund, met with Takashi Okada, Ambassador of Japan in Kabul.
Minister of State for Natural Disaster Management, Mohammad Abbass Akhund, praised Japan government’s assistance for Afghanistan.
He reminded of Dr. Tetsu Nakamura’s contribution to Afghan society, said that Dr. Nakamura is an example of the goodwill of the Japanese people with the people of Afghanistan.
For his part, the Japanese ambassador in Kabul expressed satisfaction over maintaining security in the country, saying the people of Afghanistan deserve a dignified life, and not only Japan but also the international community, is on the side of the Afghan people.
He mentioned providing $3 million in humanitarian aid of that country for the victims of Paktika and Khost, adding that the country’s aid will continue so.
The Ambassador of Japan reaffirms saying that the people and the government of Japan have ready to complete the projects of Dr. Nakamura.