JF-17 Thunder and Air Supremacy

Yesterday, Pakistan Air Force officially launched the production work of JF-17 Block -III aircraft at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra and celebrated the completion of dual seat version of JF-17 aircrafts for PAF. It was a momentous and historic day for Pakistan Air Force. Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan was the Chief guest of the ceremony. Whereas Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Amb. Nong Rong and a delegation of Nigeria was also present at the ceremony.

JF-17 Thunder is a state-of-the-art formidable weapon of PAF, which provides an impenetrable defence line to Pakistan. The JF-17 thunder is a multi-purpose aircraft, including interception, ground attack, anti-ship, and aerial reconnaissance. The Pakistan Air Force also inducted a twin-seater version known as the JF-17B for both enhanced operational capability and training. Now PAF can use JF-17 dual seat aircrafts for imparting advanced flight training to its Pilots.

As per reports, Block-III is the most advanced variant of JF-17 and characterize the cutting edge aerospace technologies and enable the PAF to maintain a credible deterrence under evolving geopolitical environment in the region and beyond.

Pakistan and China have been vigorously working to upgrade and modified their fighter jets on the par with the latest fighter jets of the United States and Europe. Therefore, JF-17 thunder is equivalent to the Lockheed martin F-16 and also economical than that. The Block -III of JF-17 thunder will have more sophisticated avionics, advanced weaponry system and infrared missile warning system along with latest radar will make it equal to Russian MIG-35 and Chinese J-20.

The potential adversary of the JF-17 Block-III will be Dassault made Indian Rafael or Russian made SU-30 MKI, the backbone of IAF in the regional context. The high operational efficiency and advanced technology mixed with competency surpass the French made Indian Rafael jet in future air conflicts between Pakistan and India. While comparing both, JF 17 Block III is Light weight , Conventional , More Agile, advanced weaponry system, Fuel economical with low cost. On other hand Indian Rafael is huge size, high tech double engine aircraft, more hard points, expensive aircraft with high operational cost. PAF will be able to operate large fleet of indigenously manufactured JF-17 Block-III whereas It will be burdensome for India to purchase and operate as many Rafael due to high unit and operation cost.

PAF leadership had made well thought choices while modernizing the PAF fleet, keeping in view the priorities and resources of the Country. The scarcity in numbers have been successfully bridged up with professionalism and competency of our Pilots and aircrews. PAF successfully materialized the policy of manufacturing indigenous aircraft to end the dependency on Europe and United States who always betrayed in the hour of need. Due to this policy, PAF successfully neutralized the Indian hegemonic designs and remained able to establish air supremacy in South Asia region by successful operation “Swift Retort” in February 2019. The nation is proud of PAF and hope that PAF will maintain its distinction among the community of the Air Powers.