JI Emir for restoration of rule of law to resolve national issues

LAHORE (NNI): Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan hold the polls within 90 days and announce date of the national vote.

Addressing a press conference at Mansoorah on Sunday, he said the JI will approach the Supreme Court of Pakistan if the ECP avoided to announce the date of the general elections.

It was the constitutional obligation of conducting elections within 90 days of the dissolution of the assemblies, he added.

He underscored that the PPP shares equal responsibility for the conspiracy to delay the elections. The PPP, in conjunction with the PDM, approved the digital census, contributing to the uncertainty surrounding the election date, he added.

The JI leader emphasized that the caretaker government’s principal duty is to collaborate with the ECP in ensuring the smooth conduct of elections.

He said the President stance of Official Secrets Act and Army Amendment Act has opened another pandora box.

Appealing directly to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he urged the institution to take notice of the issue, expressing hope that such an intervention would alleviate the confusion, which has once again made the country a subject of ridicule on the global stage.

Haq vehemently condemned the recent incidents in Jaranwala involving the burning of churches and targeting the Christian community. He emphasized the necessity for an impartial inquiry into these events, including the burning of the Holy Quran.

He firmly advocated against vigilantism, asserting that no individual or group should assume the role of dispensing justice outside the bounds of the law. He reiterated that the restoration of the rule of law is the sole avenue towards salvaging the nation.

Announcing his intention to visit the affected area on Monday, he emphasized that the JI has consistently raised a powerful voice in defense of minority rights.