Journalist in Kapisa in Islamic Emirate’s custody: Family

Kabul (ToloNews): Abdul Hanan Mohammadi, a local journalist in the central province of Kapisa, has been detained by Islamic Emirate’s forces for around three months now, the family claimed.
The family said that Mohammadi was arrested without having committed any crime.
Mohammadi’s mother, who has been in despair for the past three months, said that her son was detained while covering a report in Kapisa. “They didn’t accept my complaint and didn’t let me see him…my son is innocent and I wish he was free,” she said.
“My brother was a journalist and was preparing a report. We call on the Islamic Emirate to release him,” said Mohammadi’s brother, Abdullah Khan.
“We wrote a complaint letter and signed it for them to release him. They took the letter but didn’t let us see him,” said Shah Wali, Mohammadi’s uncle. This comes as the media-supporting organization expressed concerns over the detention of the journalists in the country.
“They should hand over the cases of Mohammadi and other journalists in detention to the commission of media violation, so it can be pursued through the (commission),” said Farhad Behroz, deputy head of the Afghanistan’s Freelance Journalists Union. The provincial officials did not provide information.
“He is not detained because of being a journalist. The intelligence and security departments might have arrested him for other issues,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate. Based on available numbers of media watchdogs, more than 130 cases of violence against journalists have been registered, of which 101 are cases of detention.