Daikundi: 4 blind brothers,
sisters seek assistance

NEILI (Pajhwok): Four blind people of a family in the Meramor district of central Daikundi province complain about their disability and pitiable economic situation.
Azizullah, 27, his brother and two sisters — residents of Nalej Bargar village — travalled six hours to reach Neili in search of assistance from government institutions and NGOs.
According to Azizullah, all four of them hailed from one family. “I am 27, my sister is 35, another is 18 and my brother is 24.”
Azizullah recalled they were not born blind, but lost their vision with the passage of time. Now they were completely deprived of eyesight.
He added: “My mother died two years ago. Our father, 70, can neither work nor take care of us. We are poor and have nothing to eat. Due to poverty, we are unable to visit the doctor for the treatment of our blindness.” Azizullah confirmed that they were registered by the Department of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs to get assistance from the government.
His sister Gulafroz, 35, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “We have nothing in our house to eat; we are concerned because other people are not helping us either.”
They also hoped for support from the government for their medical treatment.
Local officials pledged support to the disabled family.
Director of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs Maulvi Mohammad Asif Fatih said Azizullah and his sisters and brother had been registered as disabled to get government aid.
The department has so far documented 2,411 people with disabilities and 465 relatives of martyrs to get monthly stipends from the government, Fatih added.