Justice Faez lashes out at lawyers for observing strike

ISLAMABAD (INP): Lashing out at lawyers for holding strike on their own will during hearing of a case against MS Punjab Industry Faisalabad, Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked Monday that lawyers were violating code of conduct they had made themselves.
Two-member bench of the Supreme Court led by Justice Qazi Faez Isa heard the case. The MS Punjab Industry Faisalabad is accused of stealing Rs67.8 million worth gas. Justice Faez Isa raised questions on lawyers strike and remarked that such judges should also be removed who, in their ruling, write that lawyers are on strike. He further remarked that courts are following constitution and law.
“If everybody performs his own duty, country’s system will work in a better way.” The Supreme Court was apprised of trial court order wherein lawyers’ strike was mentioned thrice. Justice Faez Isa was got infuriated over that. “How can these lawyers observe strike? The licences of these lawyers should be revoked,” Justice Isa remarked.
“The lawyers have made this code of conduct and they are themselves not following it. The judges who are writing on their order sheet that lawyers are on strike, should be removed,” he observed. “It has not been explained that why they are on strike, Justice Isa said. “Should we pick the lawyers from their home now. Anybody goes on strike as and when he wishes so. Such a system to dispense justice should be abolished,” observed Justice Isa.
“The whole system has become dysfunctional. Whole system of Pakistan runs on a technicality. We just follow law and constitution and God Almighty dispenses the real justice. The conduct law has been prepared and evolved by lawyers and not by judges or Parliament,” remarked Justice Isa. “The client should not be punished for a mistake committed by the lawyer,” said Justice Isa. The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal filed by MS Punjab Industry Faisalabad.